Silky Zhou

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A natural-born leader who instinctively and intuitively know how to coach and elevate you plus energetically connect to your higher-self to shift your unconscious instructions remotely, Silky Zhou is the secret-weapon, situation-harmonizer, relationship-improver, life-strategist, and confidant behind amazing, talented, ambitious leaders, changemakers, entrepreneurs, and super-parents who are frustrated or uninspired by their current level of vision, behavior, and results in life and want a BOLD & PERMANENT turnaround or upgrade.  

She believes in human potential, and knows innately that YOU ARE INFINITELY BIGGER than any of your current creations, challenges, situations, stories and limitations (including illness). She is fiercely grounded in the unwavering human potential truths – including miracles are the norm if you allow. She’s among the leading edge of changemakers who KNOW on a cellular and practical level that mind is over matter, non-physical morphs physical, access to the higher self superconscious level transcend limitations by the logical mind, therefore allowing the impossible possible, your past irrelevant, and seeming miracles, opportunities and second chances come effortlessly in perfect timing. Her uncanny ability to coach with higher logic, wisdom, truth and intuition with precision and heart is exactly the reason she is able to lead you to your “true end result” destination via the equivalence of “space-jet”, as opposed to wasting so much time, energy and effort driving in traffic during peak hour bumper to bumper. 

Silky specializes in aligning you to your ultimate Truth and Vision, potentially saving you years if not decades of unconsciously repeating the same destructive cycles, damaging relationships, or barking on the wrong tree. Silky is an expert in untangling emotions, removing unconscious blockages including generational traumas, psychological tensions, part personalities, and sabotaging identities blocking access to your full expression, fulfillment integrity, and congruence. A bold believer in there is nothing wrong with you (period!) and you do not need to be fixed, aligning you to your truth will give you breakthroughs that you could not have imagined. As someone who teaches self-mastery on all levels, Silky is a rare gem that combines practical with spiritual, yin with yang, feminine with masculine, western with Chinese. She is bilingual in both English and Chinese