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“Hi, I’m Markus!
We are living in a time where everyone is broadcasting… but who is actually listening?”
Markus is on a mission to listen and accompany top managers and decision makers for the last 10 years.
“I always wanted to make a positive impact in this world” explains the passionate life coach with two master degrees, one in geography and one in international development & cooperation. “On my missions in international development projects I found that ‘change’ is quite a difficult thing, and it mostly happens at the personal level”. Once he realized that, Markus gave up his prestigious job for the Swiss government and international delegations and fully jumped into the world of personal development and health.
Today, Markus has companies in Switzerland, France, Thailand, Hong Kong and China and is the CEO of SanaMotion Swiss Institute, an internet platform hosting and supporting mind-body related training courses.
Besides that, he is supporting people on a 1-to-1 coaching basis and at his country estate in France he is running live events and retreats.
Through his background, Markus has a special affinity to nature and its forces which influences his systemic understanding of life and what may be beyond.
People describe him as a person with a particularly empathic nature and big heart.