Janna Arsenault

Website: www.painfreedommethod.com

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Janna is a Pain Freedom Expert and the founder of Pain Freedom Method™ As a pain and emotions intuitive, Janna helps busy men and women with chronic back pain gain hope, results and freedom and what she is most passionate about is teaching them how to heal their pain through their emotions so they become their own pain whisperer and get back to the life they are meant to live.

Are you suffering from chronic pain or do you know of someone with chronic and have gone from practitioner to practitioner never receiving answers or results?
Do you feel like pain medication, injections and therapy is your only answer?
Know you are not alone.

Janna suffered with chronic back and neck pain for over 15 years, so she has been in your shoes. When she started to understand her emotions were a direct link to her pain she cracked the pain code.

In her interview she will be covering
-Your pain is not just anatomical
-The 3 Mistakes you are making in the healing process
-How and why your pain is connected to your emotions
-How suppressing or repressing your emotions can cause you chronic pain
-What you can do about it now