Jacqui Olliver & Kerry Babbage

Jacqui Olliver


Free gift*: How to Restore a Happy Sex Life

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Kerry Babbage

Website: https://www.m8tz.com/

Free gift*: The Easy Guide to Accessing Superhuman Consciousness

Value: $47.00

* The free gift is given LIVE on ZOOM

We are at an unprecedented time in human evolutionary history. A time where superhuman consciousness is now a real possibility. 

Superhuman consciousness is our innate ability to direct the most powerful energy on Earth – ‘Emotional Force’ into our lives. The key is a powerful technique to resolve our emotional reactivity which enables alignment of our creative intelligence with our core potential. 

Kerry and Jacqui work together tirelessly to provide an easy, transformative and practical technique to stop you from sabotaging your happiness and start seeing the world from an emotionally empowered state.

Psychosexual Relationship Specialist, Jacqui Olliver has helped thousands of men, women, and couples restore emotional and sexual satisfaction in their lives. Her unique views and insights on sexual function, human psychology, and emotions are heralded as having the potential to change the universal perspective on health and relationships.  

With a profound understanding of ancient esoteric knowledge together with the practical application of neuroscience, Kerry’s passion is to help us realize our true potential of being human. 

By providing a way to dramatically reduce suffering and even the playing field of human conscious development, Kerry and Jacqui empower us to start living the life we are meant to live.