Steve Bierman MD


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Steve Bierman MD, whose work blends humanism, hypnosis and alternative modalities with traditional allopathic medicine, has been featured on NBC’s Dateline and recently won the 2020 Best Indie Book award for his ground-breaking book, HEALING – Beyond Pills & Potions (Gyro Press, International).

Dr. Bierman—a graduate of the Northwestern University School of Medicine–began his career as a double board-certified Emergency and Family Physician.  Quickly, he discovered that what he had spent his first 29 years learning and studying was simply not enough. As much as he marveled at the treatments of modern medicine, so too did he despair at the rarity of its cures.

His search for a better understanding of health and healing took him to shamanic encampments in the Ecuadorian jungle, a 30-year collaboration with a renowned Taoist grandmaster, credentialing in neurolinguistics programming (NLP) with John Grinder and board certification in medical hypnosis.

No longer does Dr. Bierman subscribe to the “blunt beginnings” of modern medicine’s diagnoses; nor does he accept the “endless endings” of traditional allopathic treatments. Instead, Dr. Bierman now understands the tremendous impact of ideas on health and healing—ideas held by patients, and ideas delivered by caregivers. His approach has resulted in lasting cures of so-called chronic diseases, regression and disappearance of advanced tumors, bloodless and painless surgeries, and resolution of a wide array of “gray zone” syndromes that defy diagnosis. 

Dr. Bierman continues to see patients in his private practice in Del Mar, California. He also teaches introductory and advanced courses in his techniques around the world. He is the father of two daughters, Clea and Raquel, and lives, works and surfs in Del Mar with his wife Dianne and their three pugs.