Denise Medved


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Live A Graceful Life with an Ageless Brain and Body!

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Denise Medved is an expert on brain & body health. She is the creator of Ageless Grace, a brain fitness program with the purpose of changing the model of aging in this world.

Inspired by her own spinal challenges and the dramatic ways her parents aged so differently, Denise spent 12 years studying, researching exercise, movement, and neuroscience and leading pilot programs in a top 100 US hospital, in a graduate program in gerontology, and as a graduate of Dr. Sarah McKay’s Neuroscience Academy. 

She has taught all ages, body types, and abilities, from seniors to children (who love the 21 tools of Ageless Grace® presented in our 4EverFit4KIDZ!™ program), dancers and non-dancers, golfers, and other athletes. Denise has also worked extensively with patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and MS, and those using wheelchairs, walkers, and canes.  

Denise has been featured on national television, in a TEDx talk on neuroplasticity, in publications such as American Fitness, and at internationally acclaimed facilities such as Canyon Ranch Health and Fitness Resort. 

While anyone can benefit from the Ageless Grace® Brain Health program, it is ideally used by those who wish to prevent or delay cognitive decline.