David Johnson

Website: www.moonride.com.au

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The only mystic school I lay claim to is life. In childhood I had premonitions and experiences with spirit, but my desire to know more really peaked in high-school when I experienced what Japanese Buddhists call satori; everything, even the difficulties of life found their place in that moment. Perhaps because I could never explain this experience, I studied mystical philosophy formally at San Francisco State. Just before I left for my Peace Corps service, in places like Yosemite and Point Reyes, shamanism came to meet me.

In Hungary I formally encountered shamanism. I have now practiced this for twenty-three years largely through my own practice. In this type of work, I call the spirits which guide me and ask for answers to my questions. These are delivered by totem animals in the form of symbols I interpret. I have used this practice, called journeys, to help many people find answers to their own questions using their totem animals as guides. In the last ten years, while leading people on these journeys I started to spontaneously get information for my clients. 

More and more I found these messages useful. Then Trump became president. Spirit told me everything would be alright. I was so soothed I decided to share the message on Youtube. Thanks to people like Lena Rodriguez my work became well-known and I started reading for people. More and more, I find people want to learn how to do this work for themselves. Ultimately, my job is to teach people how to channel themselves in their own way.