Anna Ouroumian

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Anna Ouroumian is the Refounder, President & CEO of the Academy of Business Leadership (ABL), a cutting-edge non-profit social entrepreneurial venture that serves youth from around the US and world while it primarily targets underserved and high potential youth in Southern California. After spending her childhood in 11 different orphanages and schools in Lebanon during that country’s civil war, Anna left for the US alone, as a young teenager, with $160 in her pocket, and barely speaking English as her fourth language to pursue the American dream. Anna studied Economics at UCLA where she was the only student highlighted at graduation in front of over 12,000 guests for having received the Outstanding Senior Award, the school’s highest honor as one of four out of 10,500 seniors for outstanding academic achievements as well as research, and service to UCLA and the community.
Anna is a trailblazer and a pioneer in the national service movement. While still a student at UCLA, she served in the first class of AmeriCorps, the domestic Peace Corps. Within AmeriCorps, she assumed various leadership roles at the Interfaith Hunger Coalition and Building Up Los Angeles serving some of the most underserved communities in Watts, South Los Angeles, Central City South, and Hollywood.

Anna created and initiated various collaborative projects focusing on community and economic empowerment, food security, education, public safety such as gang and drug use prevention, and health care that benefited thousands of families.

Anna was also a California Governor’s Executive Fellow speechwriting for the Attorney General.
Anna created the current Academy of Business Leadership (ABL), where for the past twenty years, she has impacted the lives of over 130,000 youth who have gone through the ABL workshops at hundreds of schools.
As a visionary leader, through her creative, strategic, and forward-thinking leadership style, innovative
curricula, and through the extensive partnerships and collaborations that she has developed with hundreds
of schools and Fortune 500 companies and thousands of volunteers, and others, Anna has catapulted the
organization to new heights. Under her tenure, over 3,400 youth from 583 elementary, middle, and high
schools and 18 countries have graduated from the award-winning and life changing ABL Summer Business
and Leadership Institute on 8 college campuses: UCLA, USC, LMU, CSULA, CSUF, CSUDH, Cal Poly Pomona,
and Santa Monica College. Moreover, over 7,000 parents attended various workshops focusing on personal
empowerment, financial literacy, and access to higher education.
Anna has also created and taught a transformational leadership course at the Harvard Kennedy School for
young women from Egypt, Jordan, and Kuwait. She has been changing the lives of primarily underserved
youth and preparing the future pre-eminent and prominent leaders in all fields and generous philanthropists
through one of a kind 360 degree accelerator programs in entrepreneurship, financial literacy, inner
transformational leadership, and capital raising training. Dubbed as the Dale Carnegie and Anthony Robbins
for youth, Anna is a globally recognized pioneer, leader, social entrepreneur, educator, and transformational
coach. She is also a highly sought after motivational speaker.
Anna was the youngest member inducted into the Trusteeship of the International Women’s Forum; she has
served as the youngest member for 11 years on the Harvard Kennedy School Women’s Leadership Board; and
has been a Young Leaders Circle Member at the Milken Institute. Anna has also served as the youngest
member on the Merrill Lynch West Coast Women’s Advisory Board, and on the Southern California Edison
Consumer Advisory Board representing over 5 million customers. Anna was featured in Forbes, the Reader’s
Digest, the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Business Journal, and many written and broadcast TV news
outlets and books. Moreover, she was honored and featured by Tyra Banks and Montel Williams on their TV
shows. In addition, Anna was honored by Comerica Bank and the LA Lakers, among others. Furthermore,
Anna has received the George Washington Honor Medal, and the LMU Conrad Hilton Distinguished
Entrepreneur Award. In May of 2016, Anna Ouroumian was recognized at the Third Annual Lebanese
Diaspora Energy Conference in Lebanon by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants as one of 5 Women Pioneers representing pre-eminent emigrant women of Lebanese heritage who are a part of over 15 million worldwide of Lebanese ancestry.

In addition, in 2020, Anna was appointed by the Prime Minister of Lebanon to represent the country of Lebanon at the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), which is “an initiative that seeks to galvanize international action against extremism through the forging of international, intercultural, and interreligious dialogue and cooperation.

The UNAOC aims to bridge divides, promote harmony among the nations, all with a view toward preventing conflict and promoting social cohesion”. On September 29, 2020, Anna spoke at the UNAOC to marshal support for Lebanon after the devastating August 4, 2020 explosion, considered to be the most powerful non-nuclear explosion of the 21st Century, that injured over 6,500 people; killed over 200 people; made homeless over 300,000 people, and that blew up half of the capital city of Beirut including destroying many of the orphanages where she grew up.

Anna Ouroumian is trilingual and literate in English French, Arabic, and Armenian. She currently resides in Southern California.