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Silky is lively, fun, and dynamic. She was a high flying expat banker working across 10+ countries in Australasia before deciding to completely change her life path and career plan to something much more fulfilling – much similar to the story of “the monk who sold his Ferrari”.  She has been obsessed about personal development for a decade, and has helped her clients create amazing results on her journey to personal empowerment and success.

In 2021-22, Silky plans to 1. Write a book; 2. Do a TED Talk; 3. Learn to channel and further her passion in Intuition & Connecting to the Field; 4. Take this work to Asia Pacific; 5. Share her experiences &  wisdom from personal development to as many people as possible and help as many as possible to create a life they love. This is one of the many “Forums / Shows” she’ll be hosting now and in the near future.

She is based in Adelaide, Australia.



This is an unprecedented event with 20+ of the most successful Thought Leaders, Coaches, Practitioners and Speakers of our time on the topic of Emotional Mastery offering you Mentorship to lead you into the future – all on one single platfrom, for 14 days LIVE, 100% FREE!

Think Differently With Global Thought Leaders & Experts Who share with you their path to Mental & Emotional Mastery & Life Success.

Discover The Practices & Shifts That Help You Be On Top Of Life & Make A Huge Difference In the Lives of the People around you.

Emotional Mastery is a delicate space and you really need Mentors to guide you through the Dark alley. All experts on the panel are well experienced Teachers in their field and are doing Life Changing Work on this planet.

Get Advice From Experts That Know How To Manage Mentally & Emotionally and Thrive in 2021 and Beyond!


Human Behaviour Specialist, Leadership & Performance Expert Read over 30000 books and spent over 48 years dedicated on expanding human awareness & potential. Author of over 40 books in 14 languages, Founder of the Demartini Institute.
Emmy Award Winner, Award-Winning Veteran Broadcast Journalist, Author, Motivational Speaker, Women & Minority Rights Speaker

Anna Ouroumian is the Refounder, President & CEO of the Academy of Business Leadership.  She is a world-recognized “Woman Pioneer” and “Inspiring Leader” for creating and delivering innovative programs.

Established yoga teacher, author, and wellness coach, she helps people feel good and make positive changes in their lives.

Dave Johnson channels messages from spirit and political possibilities on his youtube channel, Moonride.com.au. He has worked as a shaman helping people to engage with their spirit animals to find answers to life questions for twenty-five years. Along with shamanic journeying and psychic work, he teaches people how to channel their spirit guides using techniques delivered to him from spirit. 


Teacher from the movie ” The Secret “, Law of Attraction expert for over 2 decades teaching people how to live their life by design

International Speaker, Author & Educator Taught in 13 countries to over 130,000 people, 3 Books Author, Featured in the Movie “Rise Up” alongside Dalai Lama & Tony Robbins

Magie is the founder of a company that she started with $800 after she was homeless which was later
sold to Campbells Soup for 231M. She helps entrepreneurs discover their personal power for success

Silky Zhou

Silky is resolute on your ultimate truth and vision, and brings about alignment on a tectonic cellular level with your co-creation. Not afraid of holding you high to your potential and truth to live your best life with no regret, she will stretch your limits in who you think you can be and what you think you can achieve. She is one of a kind and does life-changing work.

Philosopher, Visionary, Author, and Syndicated Radio Show Host who delivers high-energy messages that empower audiences to live courageously, tune into their brilliance, and maximize potential.

Lindsay Leimbach, with 30 years of experience in Mindfulness and Stress Reduction, is a past Director of a Special Ed School in LA. She has presented at JPL/ NASA and the America Heart Association.

Author of bestseller “Ancient Wisdom, Modern Style”, and 14 other books, has appeared on many national and local shows. Her newest book is Song Divine: A New Lyrical Rendition of the Bhagavad Gita. 


International Speaker, Author & Founder of Conscious Breathing, Have helped tens of thousands of people to better health and improved quality of life by doing something as simple as improving one’s breath.

Denise Medved is an expert on brain & body health. She is the creator of Ageless Grace, a brain fitness program with the purpose of changing the model of aging in this world.

Debbie Mirza is an international best-selling author, coach, and singer/songwriter.

Established yoga teacher, author, and wellness coach, she helps people feel good and make positive changes in their lives.

Relationship therapist, coach, and host of “Love Talk Live”. Named the “#1 Relationship Coach Transforming Lives in 2020”, she empowers clients to become aware that they were born to be loved.

Yoga teacher and educator, Rachel inspires to awaken living on and off the mat. Author of five books, appeared on TV shows and podcasts, and presented at Wanderlust and the Omega Institute.

Judy is an intuitive guide to a life of purpose and bliss. She skillfully draws from her expertise as a Holistic Health Coach, Life Coach, Intuitive Coaching/Akashic Record, and Numerology reading.

Aldo Privileggi Author of “Man is Moving  Beyond Sickness’ Tools for Transformation Intuit-Empath Intuit Hypnotherapist. Certified/licensed Qhht Hypnosis Advanced, Yuen Method Advanced Kinesiology

Susan Gadoua is an LCSW in the San Francisco Bay Area who works with “couples in trouble.”
Susan wrote Contemplating Divorce,The Parenting Marriage Workbook. She is the co-author of The
New I Do.

Steve Bierman MD draws on 40 years of clinical practice–Emergency and Family Medicine, NLP, and medical hypnosis–to offer a new paradigm on the profound impact of ideas/mind on health and healing.

Janna is a Pain Freedom Expert. As an intuitive and emotions specialist, Janna helps busy men and women with chronic back pain gain hope, results, and freedom and what she is most passionate about is teaching them how to heal their pain through their emotions so they become their own pain whisperer and get back to the life they are meant to live.

Voice vibration sound healer, qualified coach and classically trained professional actor, Judith helps transform lives and businesses by liberating voices.

Emmy Award-winner, Repeat Oprah guest, Master Coach –has changed lives in over 600 episodes of reality television, is the author of four bestsellers including her seminal work, “Fearless Living”and is the Founder of the Fearless Living Institute, home of the Ivy League of Life Coaching Training. Named “America’s Favorite Life Coach,” she brings the neuroscience of fear down to earth giving you a path out of “not being good enough” using the “Wheels” technology she developed that saved her own life. 

Bonnie Harris, director of Connective Parenting, author: When Your Kids Push Your Buttons and Confident Parents, Remarkable Kids. Host: Tell Me About Your Kids podcast.

Emily A. Francis is a highly sought-after speaker, author, and wellness expert. She believes in a whole body, proactive approach to wellness where balance is the key, and kindness paves the way.

Susan Bratton, Intimacy Wellness Expert To Millions, is a champion and advocate for all those who desire intimacy and passion their whole life long.

Lucia Giovannini is world renowned sensation, former international Italian supermodel – turned
transformational speaker and author of 14 books.

Jasmin Waldmann is a Life Coach, Mind & Body Transformation Expert, Author, Corporate Trainer. She
founded JWLCC (global wellness & life coaching) in 2008. She lives in India since 2012.

Psychosexual Relationship Specialist, Jacqui Olliver has helped thousands of men, women, and couples restore emotional and sexual satisfaction in their lives.

Creator of Mind Renaissance – the key to superhuman consciousness, Kerry Babbage has spent a lifetime helping thousands of people move from suffering to realizing the true potential of being human. 

Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy instructor, NLP Trainer, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, Family Constellation Facilitator, Regression Therapist, and Public Speaking Coach.

A background in geography, ecology and international development & cooperation. With his conclusion that change must come from within, he became a coach to create a greater impact in the world.

Prema McKeever, M.Sc., SEP, is a somatic therapist, workshop facilitator, and educator with more than 25 years of experience in body-mind therapies and trauma release practices.

Stephan Kahlert

Swami Satyam Pujananand ( Stephan Kahlert) is a Psychologist, Author, business consultant and
Meditation teacher. He currently lives in Thailand .


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